Five Spring Tips for Your Face

Early spring is a good time to prepare the face for spring and summer. We are enjoying the increasing warmth. Changing how you treat your skin is a bit like changing clothes in your closet, from winter clothes to summer clothes, from thicker to thinner. You may even want to give your face a kickstart to bring out its very finest glow and feel. 



1. Thorough cleansing

To really clear the winter out of your skin, first of all you should do a thorough peeling and deep cleansing. This can be done brilliantly with our Face Scrub and Cleansing Face Mask. The mask contains green clay and is highly effective. The scrub (peeling) helps you remove old, dry, ugly skin cells from the surface and make room for soft, smooth skin with a fine luster. While peeling, you may want to have our Eye Cream around your eyes just to give that part of your face some extra good care. 

2. Carrot Oil for a nutritional boost

After peeling, your facial skin may require some extra nutrition to get properly restarted ("growing") again. Use our Carrot Oil as a nutritional supplement to your night cream for some time. 

3. Consider changing your day cream

The warmer it gets, the skin needs less fat and more moisture. Our Moisturising Face Cream is usually perfect as a day cream and summer cream. It provides considerably more moisture and less fat than our heavier face creams. 

4. Beware of the sun

Remember not to stay too long in the sun even if it is tempting for those living in a cold climate! Your skin fares much better if you relax and rest a lot, and eat nutritious food. You can still enjoy all the light and fragrances of spring and summer. 

What are your tips? Or do you have any questions?

Email us if you have any tips or questions. We may be able to use these for future blog posts, and we always love to learn.